Kamis, 14 Juni 2012

Light Lag

Uri-san used Mizutone to cover Light Lag with her UTAU , Kikenne uri . Thx so much , sis ! ;A;// (Mizutones sing at the harmonies part . )

Please check and download this awesome song!! :)

Minggu, 22 April 2012

Colaboration , with other UTAU ;)

I was saw Akuko Inorine , and i said to her author to make a colaboration , She accept that !
Oemgi , I' m so happy ! That's my first colab song! , That's song is ANTI The Holic , I use Koe with Akuko , I choose them because Koe voice some reason , like Rin , Akuko voice like Luka ~

Hnn , But i always thinking their voice like Ritsu  Namine(Akuko) and Teto Kasane (Koe)

Ah! Anyways , here the link for download : http://soundcloud.com/usagihime-chan/utau-anti-the-holic-akuko

And , the author of Akuko , made the lineart and I colored that , That was Awesome !
She was made them sing at Youtube too ;)

First Time Posting UTAU

Hnn , 1 month ago , I made UTAU , for you guys who doesn't know my UTAU (specially who  in Indonesia)
Here : http://soundcloud.com/usagihime-chan/utau-mizutone-oto-and-koe

For all my friend , thx for always support me , now i can make many cover ;x;
Just check in my soundcloud.

Aww , well , people alwasy ask me : "Why you don't post your UTAU at Youtube?"
Oh , i' m afraid people doesn't like my UTAU ;x;
But , maybe i will make it  XD


FFUUU haro there , I' m the master of Mizutone-Twins (yeah , no one of you know me :F )

lol , i use this blog just for posting what i post in soundcloud or etc ~